À ma manière, a mi manera, a modo mio


Psychoanalysis is a case-by-case practice. We strongly affirm it. It is also a practice that, in the Lacanian orientation given by Jacques-Alain Miller, embodies non-standard psychoanalytic principles that respect our psychoanalytical identity, both in psychoanalysis applied as therapy and in “pratique-à-plusieurs” or multidisciplinary practice.

We aim, in each case, at the most “singular”, what goes beyond merely diagnostic questions, as indicated by Jacques-Alain Miller in his course “Choses de Finesse”[1]. Psychoanalysts work with their singularity, their own desire, in fact their sinthome. The work of applied psychoanalysis has produced within the Freudian Field, initiatives and multiple inventions for those who want to address the symptoms of today; which assume in their own way, and according to the indication of Lacan, an “acknowledgment” of our contemporary malaise.

The section “My Way” (A MI MANERA) will therefore invite our many colleagues in Europe (Polish, Greeks, French, English, Irish, Israelis, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) to talk about their non-standard practice, and the ways they have initiated this in their institutions (schools, nurseries, prisons, hospitals, neighborhoods, etc.) We want to give them the opportunity to formulate their journey a bit more and to make it known to everyone interested in a “non-standard clinical practice”. This will be our way of preparing PIPOL 8 and thereby document the various inventions in this field.

Our section will consist of short testimonials, lively and powerful, about different experiences in various workplaces where currently psychoanalysis is alive: where psychoanalysts learn about parlêtres, who address to them lalangue, which they use to build singular solutions.

These texts will give an account of the transference bond forged by listening to a speech that develops through these operations commensurate with a “non-standard clinical practice.” We will be attentive to how this clinic is made possible, “not without” each one’s psychoanalysis, especially of those who initiate – but also thanks to this preparation work that PIPOL 8 proposes – and where we can already register.

We welcome your testimonials.


[1] [1] Cf. Miller J-A., « Nous sommes poussés de droite à gauche », La Cause freudienne, Paris, Navarin, n° 71, juin 2009, p. 63.


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