All Over the Place!


This time around My Way places an accent on the erotic of our times. The 21st century is, from this perspective, all over the place. Fabrice Bourlez, in his introductory text notes “an extension of the domain of the possible” in an era marked by the fact that, more and more, in matters of sexuality “each one does as he pleases”[[1]]. Indeed we are witnessing on the one hand, an unparalleled proliferation of objects and practices, and on the other, a multiplication of the ways of forming a couple, as is evidenced by the substitution of sexfriend for boyfriend, or more surprisingly of trouple[[2]] for couple. Thus the various pathways have become multiplied as well as serpentine, and it is these new modalities of dealing with one’s jouissance partner that our new edition of My Way proposes to explore.

In the twelfth issue, Karoline Bucher takes a look at the amazing Raphael Siboni film on the question of pornography: “There is no Sexual Rapport”. In turn, Chiara Mangiarotti takes an interest in the question of sexuation: we will see how gender, in combination with advances in science, is becoming a form of “self-nomination”. Daniel Olive notes that these advances do not enhance the lives of the adolescents who have on this occasion, in an unprecedented manner of style creation, invented a form of “ordinary transvestism”. With Yves Depelsenaire we learn that the transition into the age of science has allowed for the invention of the “most stupid of master signifiers!” and finally, in the same thread we will see, via Joost Demuynck, that our era heralds the advent of a “desublimation of art”.

Jacques-Alain Miller proposes that “the real of the social bond, it’s the inexistence of the sexual rapport”[[3]]and this is what each one has to make do with. If capitalism, having instituted jouissance as an imperative, is now striving to standardise and normatise these ever more absurd and varied modes of enjoyment, each one, in order to counteract or limit the debility which is stalking us, has to invent a style which is a possible way of connecting: something which resonates well with “My Way”!

Translated by Raphael Montague



[[3]] Ibid.


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