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Getting around Brussels

The search section of the STIB website, Société de transports en communes bruxellois (Public Transport Organisation):

The search section of the SNCB website, Belgian National Railways:

Some taxi companies:

Accommodation in Brussels:

Participants of the PIPOL 8 study-days who would like to stay in Brussels on the weekend of the congress, will find below all the information necessary to the search for accomadation to suit their budget:


The Brussels Booking Desk is a service of the Tourist Office of the City of Brussels which is responsible for negotiating lower rates on group bookings for hotels. This service is free for conference attendees, it allows you to get cheaper prices than most online booking sites and offers a more ethical approach in negotiating with hoteliers. However, from a practical point of view, hotels will only only block-book a fixed number of rooms and for a limited period of time, this offer will cease to be attractive one month before the congress, a so-called "break" date, from which the hotels resell the unbooked reserved rooms.

Brussels Booking Desk is the official housing company associated with PIPOL 8.
Hotels are available as of 79,50 Euro per room, per night, breakfast included.
Reservations can be made online, with instant booking confirmation through the following reservation link:


A number of well-known online booking sites allow you to quickly book a hotel room near the Palais des Congres or public transport for easy access:

A price comparison site allows you to consult them simultaneously in order to find the best offer:

It also contains a directory of sites on Brussels with valuable information about homestays, "Bed and Breakfast", restaurants, taxi services, cultural activities, safety, etc. . :


Some online sites which require registration offer private accommodation at reduced prices or sofas and rooms with the home owner:

In order to ensure that everyone can find accommodation, homestay accommodation will also be offered to younger colleagues who so request, to the extent of the places available with colleagues living in Brussels and having availability of one or more spare spaces etc.) Applications should be sent by e-mail to Matthieu Cornillie at the following address:

How to get to Brussels ?


To book your flight at the best rate you can to consult in a number of online price comparison websites: - - http: // www. - - - and so on.

To go from the airport of Zaventem to Brussels Centre, there are frequent trains (, leaving the airport and stoping at the Centrale station (near the congress venue).

To go from Charleroi, it takes longer, a bus leaves the airport and stops at the Gare du Midi, where you can take trams and metros ( to the city center and the Central Station.


Prices and schedules for July have not yet been announced, but you can get an idea of the fares by looking at those already published for April to June . There are no major differences in prices for tickets bought for Thursday to Monday or for Saturday to Sunday. Prices may vary depending on booking times (booking opens 3 months in advance) and scheduling (i.e. higher rates at peak times).

From France, the Thalys stops at the Gare du Midi, then take a train or a subway to the Central Station to reach the congress and the city center ( Price, about 120 euros (estimate prices March 2017) at off-peak times. From the UK, the Eurostar also stops at the Gare du Midi, then take a train or a subway to the Central Station to reach the congress and the city center ( From the Netherlands, the Thalys stops at the Gare du Midi, then take a train or a subway to the Central Station to reach the congress and the city center ( . From Switzerland, a direct train stops at the Gare du Midi, then take a train or metro to the central station to reach the congress and the city center (


For practical reasons we advise against the use of the car to get to PIPOL. However, if you can not do otherwise, you should know that parking in the city center of Brussels is on the basis of paid-parking (parking tickets are sometimes limited to 2 hours in certain areas). The city has a dozen car parks that you can find on different comparative sites where you can book your site online ( -, parking companies are numerous in Our capital ( - - etc.). The car parks which are closest to the congress are the Albertine Square parking lot, located just below the congress center ( and the Royal car park, Accessible from the Rue de Ligne (, close to the rue Royale.

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